Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Day 2 & 3

Day 2 consisted of maximal strength training followed by a core workout. The core workout can be performed before or after the strength workout, or incorporated right into the strength workout if you are creative enough. The strength workout design looks something like this.

A1. Upper body               Reps: Just short of failure   3 sets   
A2. Lower body               Reps: Just short of failure   3 sets   
B1. Upper body               Reps: Just short of failure   3 sets   
B2. Lower body               Reps: Just short of failure   3 sets   
C1. Upper body               Reps: Just short of failure   3 sets   
C2. Lower body               Reps: Just short of failure   3 sets   
D1. Upper body               Reps: Just short of failure   3 sets   
D2. Lower body               Reps: Just short of failure   3 sets   

Followed by

Core workout

 complete core circuit 3 to 5 times


Finisher (optional)

Now, for the top portion its really up to you to come up with some smart structuring. Keeping in mind this is a body weight minimal equipment program we must choose from a list of hard body weight exercises.
For example the upper body portion you should choose from these exercises. 1 arm push ups, 1 arm pull ups, handstand push ups, body weight triceps extension, resistance band good mornings, etc.. etc..  Really just any body weight exercise that you will have trouble doing more than 5 to 12 reps with. If you can do 20 1 arm push ups then its time to think of a way to make them more challenging.
Same holds true for the lower body portion. Pistol squats, hamstring curls, glute/ham raise, knee tucks, resistance band squats, one leg calf raises. ect..ect.. and of course if for example a pistol squat is too difficult for you then do an assisted pistol squat or even normal squat as long as they are challenging.

You will also see A1 and A2, B1 and B2 so on and so on this simply means that you do exercises A1 and A2 as a mini circuit, so perform one upper body exercise just short of failure then rest 30 to 90 seconds and perform A2 the lower body exercise, rest another 30 to 90 seconds and start back at A1 again to begin your second set. then on to A2 to complete the second set of A2. Once you have hit all 3 sets its time to move on to B1 and B2.

I find the strength workouts to be very fun because they are ALL a list of specific exercises that are difficult for me to perform. I am excited to progress through a list of very challenging exercises.

The Core is very straight forward 4 to 6 exercises done one after another with little to no rest between sets. choose a difficult exercise to start then progressively get easier on yourself. example would be:
3-5 circuits.
5- standing ab wheel roll outs
10- resistance band chops
15- v-ups
12 - superman (slow)

Finish with plank for time.

Day 3 EIT (Enhanced Interval Training)

The EIT workouts in this program are killers! I did EIT 1 today which consists of

12 burpees
24 pushups
36 squats
400 meter run

Notes: Perform this list 4 times with NO designated rest.  Complete it as fast as possible!

I did just as the notes suggested the only rest I took was to shake off muscle failure when it occurred during the push-ups. I was gasping for air, but constantly pushing through fatigue. My legs turned from solid to jello, my arms felt like seized up pistons with no oil, and the running after the squats was no easy task!! Once fatigue sets in you have 2 options you can quit or turn on beast-mode. At the 3rd circuit I turned on the beast-mode, its what you have to do to survive. My thoughts immediately change from shit im getting slow and tired to NO QUITTING FOR ANY REASON!!!! You have to let your thoughts turn to everything that is bothering you in your life, people and events that piss you off, everything that ever stressed you out or made you want to freak out, well now is your time to explode and go beast! It feels great. So I pushed hard into the 4th and final circuit and finished strong then immediately took a cool off lap around the yard. No rest for the wicked.

 A tip for most of you out there, a standard city block from corner to corner is 100 meters (at least mine is). No more excuses for not doing 50 meter sprints!

I did isometrics earlier in the day (thank goodness) isometrics are maximal effort at 3 joint angles so imagine and isometric jab I with my jab in the beginning point and pushed with all out effort for 5 seconds then did the same at the mid range point and continue on to the peak point. 3 sets 5 seconds working through jab, cross, hooks, uppercuts. Its quick with a good amount of intensity!

Until next time.