Thursday, September 12, 2013

day 5 rest

Today is a rest day and its important to cover this topic.

So lets start with yesterday, it was explosive strength work and it is structured just like the strength workout I posted before, the only differences being the exercises used. Challenging body weight explosive exercises are the name of the game. If you do not know what an explosive exercise is I will explain. And explosive exercise is when you rapidly move an object with near to maximal effort. For example a plyometric push-up (clapping push-up)  would be defined as an explosive exercise, because you explode from the bottom to thrust yourself into the air, instead of a standard push-up that does not send you flying off the ground. Yesterday was packed with them. Muscle ups, depth plyometric push ups, knee tucks, clapping push ups, calf jumps, power overs, and it was POURING rain outside to boot which made the workout a decent mental challenge as well. Explosive strength was also followed by an ab circuit which we also explained before. So I am nice and sore all over today which is a good thing >:-)

 Now that you have a general view or concept of explosive exercise its now important to get back to the topic of rest. Explosive exercise, weight training, high volume training (multiple training sessions a day for weeks with little rest) will all eventually lead to a burnt CNS (central nervous system) and when this happens its devastating to your body. I used to be the worst offender when it comes to CNS fatigue. I would push through multiple training sessions a day and not even think about recovery on the rest days I was all go all day 100% non stop!!! Eventually it all caught up to me. I couldn't sleep properly, I was always sick, I couldn't properly execute basic techniques, I gained body fat, I was a mess until I learned about the central nervous system and how vital it is in doing 99% of the work we tell our bodies to do. Without it working properly we do not function properly end of story!  So we need to take those days to stop and recover they are vital!! Stretch, go for a walk, do some yoga, read a book, maybe have 1 cheat meal, but above all else GET REST!!!! You don't gain strength from lifting weight, you gain the strength when your body repairs itself during sleep! Did you know it takes a nerve cell 7 times longer to repair and regenerate than it does a muscle cell. So don't beat the shit out of yourself, take good care of yourself and take the proper steps to rest and recovery.