Sunday, October 6, 2013


I know I have not posted in quite some time. Everything has been business as usual on my end here. Still eating paleo with the exception of one or two meals a week that is still fairly clean, but not technically paleo. I am still doing The Never Gymless program and am currently on day 29. I will have some new body fat numbers for you in the upcoming posts. Below is a little training compilation I made in tribute to Ross Training.

 You will see me perform a muscle up in the begging of the video, the first one I come close and the second time I get it, even though it is not as clean as I like I can finally perform them. My general philosophy is that if I have an opportunity to succeed or work my ass off towards my goal  then I will always be successful as long as I achieve my goal, and now that I can do one I can work my way to 100, I have worked my way towards a goal and now have the tools to continue.

I will warn you the music contains words that some may find offensive. Please be open minded and look past that as it was not my intention to offend but rather inspire others.