Monday, November 4, 2013

The Results Are In!!

I have successfully completed the NeverGymless 50 day training program by Ross Enamait. By no means does it have to end at 50 days. The knowledge you gain from this book can and will help you understand how to train effectively year round.  I will now share with you my results.

Measurements taken minutes before the very first workout of Day 1 Sunday Sept 8th.

Neck - 13.5''
Arms - 13.1/4''
Chest - 39''
Thighs - 24''
Waist (belly button) - 34.5''
Hips - 34''

Body weight - 161.2 Lbs

I finally got my hands on some calipers to do a 7 fold skin test to measure my body fat% on Sept. 24th which is 16 days into the program and this is what I recorded. Here are the links. skin fold sites and body fat% calculator

Lean weight 146.70lbs
Fat weight 15.89
Fat% 9.77

On day 50 Sunday October 27th these are my measurements

Neck - 14.5''
Arms - 14.5''
Chest - 40''
Thighs - 23''
Waist (belly button) - 31.5''
Hips - 32''

Body weight - 156.2

Lean weight - 149
Fat weight - 7.13
Body fat% - 4.56

I will now share the pictures with you. I will show the difference between flexing and not flexing, and will also include pictures that involve a huge contrast between flex vs no flex, shave vs no shave. All tricks used by supplement companies to make body compositions look drastically different. For example we have all seen the commercial for fat loss pills with the guy who looks like he may be in a bulking phase of eating and lifting, and has a hairy chest, then magically he is ripped and looking like he just came out of the hyperbolic time chamber in just 2 weeks!!!! Well usually what they do is have the guy shave, they change the lighting, and have him go pump some weights for 30 min or dehydrate him for a day or 2 and bring him back.

I did shave half way through and thought about it afterwards, but its not like I am hiding anything from you here. The numbers up above didn't come from me shaving and you will see that in these pictures. I promise you that what you are seeing is true transformation that was attained through INTENSE physical work and a conscious clean eating diet. The first pictures are the identical poses 50 days after day 1. The last picture I will show we can call the "commercial picture" its a contrast between flex and no flex only the difference here is my "magic pill" is something called hard work and determination taken twice a day for 50 days!
(again shave vs no shave isn't really a factor here because I wasn't covering much if any to begin with)

                                                            Day 1 front (no flex)

                                                           Day 50 front (no flex)
day 1 side (no flex)
                                                                   day 50 side (no flex)
                                                                      Back day 1 (no flex)

                                                                        Back day 50  (no flex)
                                                                            Day 1 (flex)
                                                                              Day 50 (flex)
Day 1 (no flex)
                                                                          Day 50 (flex)

                                                                        Day 50

A pretty significant change in just 50 days! My diet consisted of a strict Paleo Diet for about the first 30 days with the exception of a few "cheat meals" (one of which I enjoyed on my birthday!) I did not pay close attention to the exact number of macronutrients I ate, instead I made sure to eat healthy clean meals (3 to 4 a day) consisting of protein (fish,chicken,eggs, natural peanut butter) I ate eggs almost everyday! Veggies (Romaine and broccoli being my staple veggies) chicken salads are awesome, and fruits post workout. Usually a banana or apple. I also ate healthy fats from fish, evoo, eggs, fish and flax pills, avocados, and natural peanut butter. Along with a gallon of water a day (sometimes 2) I ate clean, and I was mindful to avoid anything that would slow me down. That simple!

Around day 35  I learned about an eating strategy called" intermittent fasting". I knew a bit about it, but clearly not enough for my liking so I studied it very intensely for the next 3 or 4 days and immediately put it into practice for the last 7 days. You can learn all about it here and especially here I found Martin Berkhan to be the most informative. Around the last 7 days I would eat from 12:00pm to 8:00pm then fast until 12:00pm the next day. During this phase I didn't eat as much fruit, and tried to eat more veggies and protein. I included baked potatoes post workout, and upped my healthy fats. It was during this phase I started watching my macros and calories more.

 The only supplements I use are Animal Pak Multivitamin and Modern Bcaa. I am NOT a fan of supplements, or money sucking supplement companies what so ever, with that said there are a few out there that I have found to actually work for me to aid in recovery and add nutritional value. I used modern bcaa right before my workouts, so I wasn't working out completely fasted. I took the animal pak (usually 1 pak) everyday around noon or 3 pm.  I tried to get to bed every night around 10:30 at the latest, but I am not much for sleeping unfortunately.

All in all I absolutely love the programs Ross puts together. They are extremely customizable, and arm you with the tools you need to make the changes you want to your program, so you can achieve your ideal level of fitness.

 This program involved little to no weights. I used a weight vest, resistance bands, my cloths line pole for pull ups, a 20 foot tow strap for rope climbs, my sidewalk for sprints, a medicine ball, and my weight bench for various ab exercises, a dumbbell for side bends, my tire for depth handstand push ups, a log for power overs, a deck of cards (that day was fun!) I really got creative with what I had available in my yard and neighborhood. that's it!!!

After reading this book you will realize you do not need fancy equipment or an expensive gym membership to achieve the level of fitness you want, as long as you stay dedicated, and work hard you will always succeed . Ross's low-tech, high-effect method is applied perfectly in this program. I enjoyed it very much  and I encourage you to give it a shot. What do you have to lose? Some fat? What do you have to gain? Knowledge and a high level of fitness? Sounds like a win win to me!