Monday, December 29, 2014

Im back part 2

After a month and half give or take of recovery and doing very little to no exercise I bring you up to speed to today!

Ive had enough and feel well enough to workout with an intensity that I feel is comfortable to myself as well as safe.

It was -10 below zero today so I had to wrap up! I think the phrase was "-10 below = STFU and train"

The workout was as follows

10 sledgehammer swings left side
10 sledgehammer swings right side
10 push ups
5 pull ups

repeat 10 rounds NO REST!

In conclusion im on the road back to 100% and will catalog it accordingly. I am still unsure about the direction I want to take this time, but no doubt in my mind that I will get back to where I want to be. Next few posts should include tips and tricks, a fitness assessment/measurement, maybe even a laid out program or just a  general recovery progress from surgery... Stay tuned and cheer on, help, watch, or get out of the way as I make my way back to the top :-)

Im back! part 1

Hello everyone, I am back after quite a few life changing experiences! Ill recap what I have been up to and bring this blog up to speed best I can.

Last time we spoke I just finished up Ross Enamaits sample program which was 50 days of body weight style training and by no means was it meant to be just 50 days, its a style of training that can and should be done everyday (with rest days of course).

I find myself enjoying programs and following them, without them I tend to go about things haphazardly with no real goals in sight and I don't find that very enjoyable, so what did I do next? To be honest I was itching to lift some serious weight, but not let go of my new found body weight strength routine either. I was at my most lean weight ever and I felt great! I wanted to increase my size though. I wanted to pack on some more mass yet keep my conditioning high. so I decided I should create my own program and that's exactly what I did!

Setting up the dungeon was easy enough considering I just came off the never gymless routine. I wanted a minimalist approach. I devised a plan that would allow me to work between the barbell and dumbbells back to back per muscle group so that I could get twice the training in half the time. Here is an example of that.

The routine was set up in 2 parts. The first 22 days looked like the top row and the next 22 days looked like the bottom row
It turned out to be an effective bulking and cutting program, of course the longer you put in (more than 22 days) the better it will work, but I wanted to prove something. I wanted to see what I could do just before my girlfriend came home for christmas break from her study abroad. These were the results.

weight 175 lbs
body fat roughly 8%

 I was happy with the results considering I was a furiously lean 153 or so just a few months ago!

Fast forward a few months and I had been following a similar program this time it was a program that I felt was all encompassing and would maintain my fitness and physique just before my trip to Europe for a month. London for 3 weeks and Crete for 1 week.

my program was simple. 
monday - lift
tuesday - anaerobic cardio + core
wednessday - olympic lift
thursday -body weight strength
friday -  heavy bag work + core
saturday - yoga + stretching

I followed this all the way up until it was time to fly out to England and needless to say since the start of my journey (never gymless) I was in the best shape of my life and had the best physique of my life! This fitness journey ive been on for the better part of 5 years has given me incredible self confidence and an iron will. It has really opened doors of opportunity for me. Since I kicked it into overdrive the summer before nevergymless (infinite intensity era) my life has done nothing but change for the better! I cant explain it thoroughly, but I do know that I have developed a very intense rarely matched work ethic, a will that has yet to be bested, and the confidence in myself to know that if I put my best foot forward and try with all my effort that I will always succeed in my endeavors no matter what! This is not the end only the start. I wish to share this and hopefully inspire or give others that same gift that I have been given. So without further delay!!!!

Here I am in London!

and here I am in Hersonisos, Crete

and enjoying ice cream for the first time since quite possibly my birthday 7months prior

So now that you have been cliff notes caught up ill wrap this up here. After my awesome vacation with my amazing girlfriend I am back home getting into the groove of fitness again, yet finding it a little more difficult this time. The main reason, every time I work out an old nagging injury which unfortunately unknown to me at the time is a genetic predisposition. My right hip has a labral tear and the femur has a bone spur which has caused significant damage to the socket and surrounding tissue. Needless to say I spent quite a few sleepless nights in some serious pain! The verdict was in and I needed surgery.....